Double Road

Set of 4 Tires 11R24.5 Double Road DR832 Drive Open Shoulder 16 Ply M 149/146

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  • Brand: Double Road
  • Size: 11R24.5
  • Model: DR832
  • Ply: 16PR
  • Load Range: M
  • Overall Diameter: 43 inches
  • Load Index: 149
  • Speed Index: M

Suitable for highway and good quality road condition drive wheel, trailer wheel suitable for common or poor road surface, such as country road with anti-crack character, good abrasion resistance, anti-puncture character, excellent traction performance and loading character deepened & widened pattern of groove design, increase the traveled range and improve the adaptability to bad roads steering wheel, trailer wheel Suitable for all position of buses and light trucks running on Highway and roads of common grades.