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Pirelli started in Italy over 100 years ago, in Milan. A traditional brand in terms of tire which produces car solutions, motors, tractors, trucks and bus, with factories worldwide.



Prometeon Tyre Group, right arm of the Pirelli Group for its heavy segment, its responsible for manufacturing its tires demand for trucks, with the Italian brand’s quality.

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Pirelli H89

  • Fuel economy due to its low resistance to rolling
  • Excelent aderence in wet floors
  • Long lifespan
  • Premium perfomance
  • Enhanced breaking efficiency
  • Drivability and resistance, improving the ride in long journeys

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The Pirelli H89 was created to offer technology, inovation and financial advantages for your business, once it a tire designed for high quilometers, with low resistance to rolling and excelent adherence to wet floors.

A premium tire which provides the best conditions for your truck. The Pirelli H89 is a tire for all axles. Its tread area comes with a singular design, which prevents gravel and stones to get stuck its depth. Besides, it rellys on high technology attached in its rubber compound to to expel water and increase drivability on wet roads, making it a safe and efficient tire. The tire's shoulders are designed to ensure greater resistance to side impacts and maintain pressure when the truck passes over uneven roads.

Pirelli T-H89 Trailer

  • Fuel economy
  • Excelent adherence during rain
  • Durabilty
  • Premium product
  • Short braking
  • Drivability

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The Pirelli H89 is the ideal tire for the free axle of your truck, with excellent development on the road just as in urban perimeter, great with braking and resistent to other impacts. The new compounds of rubber improves the efficiency in rainny situations and the wide grooves of the Pirelli H89 Trailer, and with especial design, expell water faster to guarantee the stability you need.

The optimized design of the tread surface enhances its performance on preventing stones to get caught in it, in addition of that, the Pirelli H89 comes with exclusive DLTC technology with top generation silica, which makes it lasting and cost-effective, seeing its a model with low resistance to rolling and balanced wear resistance.

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