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Designed to offer maximum performance on any road, SpeedMax's tire is a brand produced in the main factories in North America and Asia. Tires that have excellent quality, durability and costs, that help people and businesses to evolve, are made in Mexico, China, Vietnam, India and Pakistan and are homologated in the main markets.

SpeedMax models serve all types of vehicles, from passenger cars to quadricycles, through trucks, tractors and motorcycles, in addition to tubes and truck wheels. SpeedMax strives for the maximum performance of its products, which were designed for the main markets, including United States and Brazil.

SpeexMax Tire models

SS622 - Steer All Position Tire

Speedmax banner tire model SS622 steer all position


Designed as a best road solution, the SpeedMax SS622 is a high-quality tire with technology that lets you drive more. Its structure is reinforced, which increases durability and resistance against asphalt impacts, stones and everything that can damage the tire. In addition, its tread has wide and deep grooves to expel stones more easily and maintain stability in wet conditions.

Another advantage of the SpeedMax SS622 is the larger area of contact with the ground, as its design is optimized to guarantee ample grip. Ideal for the free or steered axle, the model is the solution for businesses looking for cost benefit, quality and performance.

Buy Now  Size Overwall Diameter (in/mm) Overwall Width (in/mm) Weight (lb/kg) Tread Depth (32nds/mm) Load Range Load Index / Speed
295/75R22.5 39.8 / 1011 11 / 284 103 / 47 17/32" / 13 16 ply / H 146/143M
11R22.5 40.8 / 1040 11 / 282 105 / 48 17/32" / 13 16 ply / H 146/143M
11R24.5 43 / 1102 11 / 280 123 / 56 17/32" / 13 16 ply / H 149/146L

SD755 - Drive Tire

Speedmax banner tire model SD755 drive


Developed for roads, the SpeedMax SD755 is a drive tire that delivers benefits to your business. The main one is the low rolling resistance, which improves fuel economy and reduces costs for your day to day. In addition, the tread has a unique design and high-quality rubber compound to improve ground contact, balance wear and increase the change interval. It's the durability your truck needs.

The SpeedMax SD755 also features a safety-optimized design, with blocks strategically located in the tread. In addition, the depth of the grooves, combined with the design, improves water flow and reduces the chances of aquaplaning.

Buy Now  Size Overwall Diameter (in/mm) Overwall Width (in/mm) Weight (lb/kg) Tread Depth (32nds/mm) Load Range Load Index / Speed
295/75R22.5 40 / 1023 11 / 284 110 / 50 25/32" / 19 16 ply / H 146/143M
11R22.5 41 / 1052 11 / 282 112 / 51 25/32" / 19 16 ply / H 146/143M
11R24.5 43.7 / 1112 11 / 280 130 / 59 25/32" / 19 16 ply / H 149/146L